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Mosaic technology and execution techniques

Based on the stratigraphy, the used materials (tesserae) and the observed execution techniques we suppose the existence of three main construction phases executed by different craftsmen:

The first phase includes the northern part of the mosaic together with the “fish scene”. It is clear that this part was accomplished by a great mosaic master.

Image: The northern part of the mosaic

The second phase includes the southern part of the mosaic (the panel with the birds and the panel with the small animals). There is a small difference in the execution technique and we suppose a second mosaic master worked here simultaneously with the first one.

Image: Panel with birds
Image: Panel with small animals

The third phase was executed later on by cutting in the mosaic floor and inserting the long panel with the vine leaves and birds. The execution technique and the use of gold glass tesserae confirm that this is the work of a third master.

Image: Panel with vine leaves and birds

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